About Me

Hey there,

I'm Lyndsi
I'm 25 years old, living in Northern Ontario, Canada.
I have a B.A(Honours) in English Literature, and I'm currently finishing up a B.Ed.

Writing stories and reading have always been a huge passion of mine! There is just something about reading that is quite unlike anything else. You can escape to places that you may never have thought about going, and you get to meet wonderfully, fantastic characters along the way. Books were the one thing that hooked me from a very young age, and they have yet to let me go.

Along with all of this, I am a caffeine addict, history buff, photographer, who is destined to be an old cat lady one day.

I have tried a few years ago to keep up with the blogging, but I always ended up getting sidetracked. Blogging is the one place that I will be able to share all of my thoughts and opinions about the books that I read with a lot of other fantastic bloggers.

Any questions (or just feel like chatting), feel free to email me lyndsi_longpre@live.ca
Twitter: @Chenolyn